(Português) (English) Flying Soul

To Erick
I’m returning to my days before.
More sensitive, I’m looking for
Nothing, anymore.
I’m just enjoying living,
like I’ve never done.
And singign songs.
It’s so interesting to be alive,
I’m runnig blowing faster, deep, inside, my mind.
Wherever love is growing,
Everything around,
Will never die.
As long, as I can resist.
My hearth is up to your kiss.
And feeling free, I can roam,  roam away.
How many days do I need?
To show my love, real, and clear,
You should be produ of your own.
I’ll never let you go away,
My soul is flying, wondering for better days.
It’s so exciting playing, every other day,
New funny game.
New crazy game.
Copyright  Nara Lisbôa

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